Fancy some Friday afternoon reading?

Well, put on the kettle. We've pulled together some of our favourite take-aways from last week's Talent Summit. Go forth and be inspired!

Bernard Brogan
Co-Founder Commercial Ninjaneer, PepTalk

Talent Summit Gems

Small incremental changes lead to big changes over a period of time for teams to realise their full potential.

Sinead KaneSolicitor
and First Visually Impaired Person to complete
World Marathon Challenge

How you see the world determines what kind of day you have.

I could choose to be blind, or I could choose to be a visionary. I chose to be a visionary.

Ryan O'Reilly
Author, High Performance Business & Exec Coach, High Potential

Performance = potential - interference

6 E's of engagement

  • Expectation
  • Empowerment
  • Enjoyment
  • Energy
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Execution

Shane McAuley
Director, People Systems and Analytics, Twitter

Shane McAuley

Reduction in attrition? Twitter's data breakdown of the controllables

Can control

  • 24% increase in retention if your job connects to goals
  • 21% increase in retention if you are able to achieve goals
  • 20% increase in retention if you are satisfied with job
  • 12% increase in retention when you work with great team

Michelle Fogarty
Co-Founder PepTalk, Director of HR Operations for EMEA, Johnson

Michelle Fogarty

Being honest about your biggest problems with candidates will excite those who are the right fit for you

Daniel Pink
Best-selling author, including of A Whole New Mind, Drive, and To Sell is Human

Daniel Pink

Build in time for employees to have complete autonomy over what they work on - a genius hour each week. Think 5%, not 20% of time. What motivates people at work? Looking back and the end of the day and saying - I got a lot done. I made progress.

Employees like weekly one-on-ones - up to a point. Every 4 weeks shake it up a little - ask about different things like career plans and obstacles they face.

For happiness don't chase happiness, chase meaning!

Johnny Campbell
CEO, Social Talent

Johnny Campbell

The results of real research on organisational design? Not a single company that adopted a commitment model failed. Employers were committed and invested over the long-term to employees and visa versa.

Anne Kelleher
Human Resource Director, Intel

Encourage people to be their full self at work.

Anne Kelleher

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