Marketing Maestro Wanted

27 Jun 2017 | PepTalk Team

[They say a picture tells a thousand words, well if you are a Marketing Maestro you'd know what we should have put up here]

Looking for: Marketing Maestro
Status: Full time Intern Opportunity initially (potential for a longer
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Recipe: Quick & Easy Homemade Granola

08 Jun 2017 | Pep

This week Pep worked with our good pal Kate to create a healthy Homemade Granola to help make better breakfast choices. So put back the cornflakes (other brands are available) .. go on and give granola a lash.

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Epic Opportunity for PepTalk Partners

18 May 2017 | Admin

Fancy yourself as a bit of a whizz in the kitchen? Or could you and your mate be the next culinary dream-team?

Do you have the passion and personality to get people back into the kitchen?

PepTalk are on a mission to get people making real-world healthy food at home. To

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Hows your snacking ... ?

18 May 2017 | Pep
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Recipe: Quick, Easy & Healthy Pancakes

16 May 2017 | Pep

This week Pep worked with our good pal Kate to create a healthy take on everyones favourite breakfast treat - Pancakes. Don't fret they still taste as yummy, but with inbuilt goodness .. so go on give them a lash.

Complexity Level: Simples, even Pep can make the

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5 of the Best Healthy Protein Snacks

10 May 2017 | Pep

Try these on for size!

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#Mindset & Fitness - Helpful App Review (Part 2)

09 May 2017 | Pep

Looking for more from your phone - why not try out some apps to help your physical and mental wellbeing. Here are three more that we love.

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Energy Balls - small round SuperHeros, here to save your day!

03 May 2017 | Pep

Its 3pm, you have hit the slump .. the draw of the vending machine has you in its grips! But wait, you are ready to fight it with your SnackTime SuperHero - Energy Balls. BOOM, you have, in one mouthful won the day and taken a step to healthiness.

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Strong to the Core!

27 Apr 2017 | Pep

Okay so heres the skinny, we've put together 3 great core exercises to get you started:

Here at PepTalk we love a bit of core work. While they say abs are made in the kitchen, equally a bit of work on the floor definitely helps too!

"Start with 10 repetitions of each

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Bernard Brogan - Rest Day Nutrition

26 Apr 2017 | Pep

Nutrition is key, particularly on your rest day. In this short video Dublin Athlete Bernard Brogan discusses his approach to his rest and recovery days ...

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